22 - 23 October 2021

Visual Practitioners Africa

Virtual Conference 2021

In conjunction with the International Forum of Visual Practitioners (IFVP)

A one and a half day summit of talks, activities, and workshops. Learn to use pictures to think, to facilitate and to lead discussions.

Day 1

Learn from experienced visual practitioners and graphic facilitators - how to work digitally, how to plan for a lay-out and composition during live work, how to create great posters for use during facilitation and how to market your graphic facilitation services.

Day 2

A 2-hour session where you have the opportunity to network with fellow visual practitioners, learn from others and share ideas. Become part of a vibrant visual community in Africa!

Conference Fees

Early Bird US$35

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on or before 7 Oct

General Tickets US$50

Register and pay after 7 Oct

Group Booking 5% Discount

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Student / Learner Subsidy

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What to expect

This event brings experts in visual thinking and graphic facilitation together to build a community of visual practitioners in Africa. Whether you are a skilled visual thinker, or just like to doodle, join us to learn from the best in the world.


A practical conference where you can learn from the best in the business of visual thinking. Come armed with pen and paper, or a tablet, and prepare to have a lot of fun!

Advance your skills

For all skill levels - learn the basics of graphic facilitation and recording as well as more sophisticated techniques. Whether you're just starting out, looking for a new skill to differentiate yourself or have years of experience, you'll get value from this conference.


The visual industry in Africa is growing! Network with fellow visual practitioners, learn from others and share ideas. Become part of this vibrant community.

The Speakers

Ben Crothers

Ben is on a mission to help people be just as capable with the whiteboard as they are with the keyboard. He is a designer, strategist, facilitator, and trainer, and enjoys helping groups work better together, through all sorts of methods of workshop facilitation and graphic facilitation.

Martin Haussman

Martin Haussmann is the inventor of the bikablo visualization technique, the co-director of the bikablo company, a globally active trainer and speaker, a specialist writer (of the best selling bikablo visual dictionaries and “UZMO – thinking with your pen“) and a developer of visual methodologies. With his wife, son and cat he lives in Cologne, Germany.

Sam Bradd

Sam Bradd is a graphic facilitator, meeting facilitator, and the founder of Drawing Change in Vancouver Canada. He combines 20 years’ facilitation experience with visual tools to help groups engage, solve problems and lead.

Benjamin Felis

Benjamin Felis is a full time graphic recorder & illustrator from Berlin, Germany. He is a former graffiti artist and consultant, trained in graphic recording, visual facilitation, visual presencing. Benjamin is an official Toolmaster for NeulandÒ markers and member of the International Forum of Visual Practioners (IFVP)

Brandy Agerbeck

Brandy Agerbeck writes, speaks and teaches how to reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool. Brandy published the much-loved volume The Graphic Facilitator's Guide in 2012. She followed this “bible” of the field with the book for every visual thinker: The Idea Shapers. Cultural analyst Patricia Martin calls it, “A new alphabet for the visual age.” Teaching online and in-person, Brandy is a “triple threat” of world-class expert, top-notch trainer and seamless facilitator.

Roy Blumenthal

Roy Blumenthal has been sketchnoting professionally for the past 13 years. He works digitally on his tablet pc, screening his work live for delegates to follow while he draws live. He's a fan of the idea that having a smooth workflow makes digital work easy.

Vasintha Pather

Vasintha Pather is a South Africa based organisational development specialist and mental health professional. Through the Centre for Gestalt Leadership, Vasintha provides coaching and consulting in organisational culture design and trauma-informed leadership practices, as well as learning processes in Visual Thinking and Innovation.

Lita Currie

Lita Currie is a business owner, graphic facilitator and business coach. She has over 25 years’ experience in the development of talent and has worked with clients from a variety of disciplines.

She is owner and director of a learning and development consulting company, 3 Stickmen.

Sponsorship Opportunities

For the first time in Africa!

The field of visual thinking is growing worldwide and in Africa. The purpose of the conference is to bring together both experienced visual practitioners as well as new entrants to the industry. Conference attendees will include facilitators, Scrum masters line managers, graphic designers and other interested parties from the African continent and abroad. In conjunction with the International Forum of Visual Practitioners, we aim to create a sense of community, collaboration and learning.

We would like to request sponsorship for the conference. Although we are charging a small fee for attendance at the conference we are not aiming to make a profit – we need to cover the costs of the conference and use the additional funds to sponsor prizes, give-aways and charities.

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