The Schedule

Day 1

22 October 2021

*Timezone is South African Standard Time SAST


09:00 - 09:50*

Visual structures to use in meetings

Ben Crothers

There are lots of great visual patterns and canvases available that we can use to help groups in all sorts of meetings, workshops, and offsites, especially for strategy, innovation, and team collaboration. But sometimes they can seem a bit large and complicated. Draw along with Ben as he shows you some underlying principles at play in all of these frameworks, so that you'll always be ready with a useful pattern to draw, no matter what the discussion is about. Plus, Ben will share some interesting visual patterns that you can use straight away, whether your workshops are in-person, online, or both.

10:00 - 10:50

Create great poster templates in 3 easy steps

Martin Haussman

Translating your idea into an attractive and impactful poster seems like one of the greatest challenges for visualizers: Finding a visual concept, bringing together visual elements and creating an inspiring, eye-catching layout.

“If you can sketch your design on the back of an envelope, you can't go wrong,“, says Martin Haussmann, experienced visual facilitator, writer and co-director of the bikablo company for visual thinking, learning and collaboration in Cologne, Germany. Meet Martin for an intensive workshop on how to create poster templates in 3 easy steps!

Martin will show successful poster layouts of the new visual dictionary “bikablo posters“, that brings 130 poster templates to the world, ranging from the classic welcome poster, check-in and reflection to open space and future conference. As always at bikablo, everything is completely systematic, easy to reproduce and versatile.

Make sure you arrive armed with pen, paper, a sense of fun and willingness to participate - this will be an interactive session.

11:00 - 12:00

Visual Thinking and Innovation

Vasintha Pather

Understanding how imagery is key to enabling effective thinking and to strengthening collaboration, are key to both creating visual outputs that make maximum impact, as well as to working with imagery in ways that go beyond just the visual interest. An important invitation for visual practitioners, for facilitators, for communicators, for anyone who wants to enable expanded thinking in yourself or your teams. Neuro-science, Metaphor, Critical Thinking and more!

12:00 - 13:00


13:00 - 13:50

Working online: Developing a fast digital workflow

Roy Blumenthal

Whether your conference or event is online or in "the real world", Roy Blumenthal can literally help your delegates to SEE what your speakers mean. He draws live visual interpretations of what he's hearing, and projects his digital canvas so that delegates can anchor their own understanding of the session. This interactivity boosts engagement, and helps delegates retain key messages.

At the end of the session, Roy's pictures are ready to email to all attendees. What's more, because Roy works at high resolution, the images can also be printed as posters or murals, giving a concrete reminder of the main takeouts.

14:00 - 14:50

Lay-out and composition in graphic recording and sketchnoting

Benjamin Felis

When is a picture appealing to the viewer? How can you attract the viewer to engage with your Graphic Reocroding or Sketchnote? What principles of art & design can you apply to your work? Learn in this interactive Workshop fundamentals of layout and composition to make your visualizations more appealing for the viewer. Welcome the viewer, lead her/him through the picture and say good bye in memorable way. All levels are welcome!

15:00 - 15:50

Successfully Marketing Graphic Facilitation Services: for the reluctant marketer

Sam Bradd

Are you reluctant to market your Graphic Facilitation Services? Then this is the workshop for you. Learn how to get your name out there and see the marketing produce results for your business.

16:00 - 16:50

The Climb, the 7 Base Camps and the Vistas of your Visual Practice

Brandy Agerbeck

In this Big Picture session concluding Day 1, Brandy Agerbeck shares MG Taylor’s Vantage Point model as a tool for understanding the lows, the heights, and the long view of your professional practice. She shares wisdom and humor from her 25 year career that started out in 1996 when answering, “So what do you do?” with “I’m a graphic facilitator” was met with blank stares and some hostility. Brandy shares the principles for persevering and how to share your value as a true partner to your clients.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How promoting yourself in an emerging market differs than in a mature one. Geography IS a big, but not limiting, factor.

  • The only 2 Pitfalls to our industry and how to help prevent them.

  • What NOT to do when you want to be seen as a professional and a partner.

  • What helps you weather the long haul of a career in a weird industry.

Brandy Agerbeck writes, speaks and teaches how to reclaim drawing as your best thinking tool. Brandy published the much-loved volume The Graphic Facilitator's Guide in 2012. She followed this “bible” of the field with the book for every visual thinker: The Idea Shapers. Cultural analyst Patricia Martin calls it, “A new alphabet for the visual age.” Teaching online and in-person, Brandy is a “triple threat” of world-class expert, top-notch trainer and seamless facilitator.

Day 2

23 October 2021

*Timezone is South African Standard Time SAST

09:00 - 10:00*

World Café: The visual industry in Africa

Talia Lancaster

10:00 - 11:00

Collaboration and networking

Lita Currie

Get to know the visual practitioners on the continent, make connections and share ideas.

Join us for this amazing lineup, by registering for the conference.